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Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World 

Selected one of 2018's Best Business and Leadership Books by Amazon!

A searing exposé of the collusion between central bankers as they control global markets and dictate economic policy.


The financial crisis unleashed a chain reaction that turbo-boosted central bankers' influence and triggered a massive shift in the world order. Central banks overstepped the boundaries of their mandates. They are directing the flow of money to catapult markets without any checks or balances. Meanwhile, the open door between private and central banking ensures endless manipulation upon a backdrop of government support. AVAILABLE at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or IndieBound


From Publishers Weekly 

This unflinching, troubling exposé from Prins (All the Presidents’ Bankers), a journalist and former banker at Lehman Brothers, forecasts impending doom for the global economy—all at the hands of central bankers. ..The book’s most chilling section consists of Prins’s predictions of what awaits a world economy threatened by rising income inequality and an elite class bent on preserving its dominance: a bigger collapse than the 2008 crisis. 

From Kirkus Reviews:

Prins delivers a sharp-edged critique of the hegemony of central banks over the world's economies...."It only takes one domino to fall to wipe them all out," Prins warns in closing...A somber, important warning that's likely to cause readers to wonder about the safety of their assets, if not fear for the near-term future.

From Booklist:

Prins...zeros in on the 2008 financial crisis and its aftermath. ..Prins explains “conjured-money policy” and how central banks have created an artificial money bubble and flooded markets with cheap capital, which makes economies vulnerable to massive corporate defaults and job loss. ..she examines economic practices in Brazil, Mexico, China, and the European Union and discusses Brexit. These detailed analyses are backed by reliable news sources and reports... This thoroughly researched, high-level view of central-bank operations would be interesting to those in the finance, banking, and economic fields.


November 6, 3pm Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul | UFRGS, Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 7  9-11am ESPM Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 7, 7-9pm  UNIFIN, Porto Alegre, Brazil

November 12, 7pm  The US and Brazil: Looking to the Future, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil