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How Central Bankers Rigged the World 

Nomi Prins 

May 1, 2018 

384 pages • 9781568585628 



One of Amazon’s Best Books of the Year So Far – Business and Leadership 

“[An] unflinching, troubling exposé… well worth a close read by anyone looking to understand the roots of the last crash and prepare for the next.”—Publishers Weekly 

“A somber, important warning that's likely to cause readers to wonder about the safety of their assets, if not fear for the near-term future.”—Kirkus Reviews 

“Prins offers practical and tactical solutions for preventing the downfall of the current over-inflated economy. This thoroughly researched, high-level view of central-bank operations would be interesting to those in the finance, banking, and economic fields.” Booklist 

“After the 2008 economic collapse, central banks created $21 trillion of money to stave off a global depression. But who got all that new money? And how was it used? The always insightful Nomi Prins, after traveling the globe for answers, reveals the shocking truth—and she does it in plain English so everyone can understand the awful facts.”   —David Cay Johnston, bestselling author of It’s Even Worse Than You Think 

“Captivating… an exposé of the highest order – an all-inclusive and wide-ranging attempt to draw back the curtain and illuminate those who are truly pulling the strings controlling the progression of world events… Prins leaves virtually no stone unturned in this comprehensive and mesmerizing indictment of central banks and the unscrupulous methods they have adopted in recent years… Prins is able to write with an authority virtually nonexistent – or certainly unrivaled – among her peers.” —Aaron W. Hughey, Bowling Green Daily News 


“A deep, exhaustive dive…Prins shines a light into all the deals, handshakes, machinations and their justification in financial media relations and academic theorizing from Jackson Hole to World Bank-IMF meetings….Prins' research in Collusion offers all the evidence and the smoking guns.” 

Hazel Henderson, Seeking Alpha 

 “Prins is that rare combination of real-world expertise, scholarly method, and a brilliant writing style. Here, she goes beyond the tired complaints about central bank money printing to show that manipulation of markets by the central bankers is far more complex and pervasive than labels like ‘easy money’ can convey. A must-read for savers, students, journalists, and public officials.” 

—James Rickards, bestselling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money 

“Prins has emerged as one of the fiercest critics of crony capitalism and its sustained attacks against poor and working people. This is the book that the financial elites don’t want you to read.” 

—Jeremy Scahill, Academy Award–nominee, bestselling author of Blackwater, and cofounder of The Intercept 

“Meet the Lords of Finance of the twenty-first century. Prins’ in-depth reporting explores how central bankers’ political aspirations came to supersede their duties to safeguard their economies. With few options, central bankers will become more desperate with hopes that more collusion will save the day. Read this book to understand how very wrong they are and to fully grasp the danger that lies in wait.” 

—Danielle DiMartino Booth, author of Fed Up and former Federal Reserve advisor 

“The US doesn’t have a financial press. It has something better—Nomi Prins. Read this book to understand the central bank conspiracy against the world economy.” —Paul Craig Roberts, former Wall Street Journal editor and assistant secretary of the US Treasury 

"Central banks, led by the Federal Reserve, are the opioids for private banks addicted to being reckless with other people's money. Prins, drawing from her previous work in Wall Street firms and her present field research around the world, says, 'We are headed for another epic fall.' Taxpayers, workers and consumers who will suffer from another bailout, all better read this clear, concise, compelling book.”—Ralph Nader 


"Scarier than Stephen King horror fiction. Prins, a refugee from Goldman Sachs, tells the truth on her fellow banksters and their abuse of the scary uber-power they wield when they take control of money-printing machinery of the world’s central banks. Astonishingly, she got deep inside these secretive power chambers—and came out alive with truly fascinating tales of the blood diamonds of global finance. I particularly enjoyed, if you can use that word, her exposure of the cruelty and cupidity of the banking potentates who suffocated Greece to please the gods of Markets and Mammon." —Greg Palast, author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy 


From the author of ALL THE PRESIDENTS’ BANKERS comes a searing exposé of the collusion between central bankers as they control global markets and dictate economic policy 

The 2007-2008 financial crisis unleashed a chain reaction that turbo-boosted the influence of central bankers and triggered a massive shift in the world order. Central banks and international institutions like the IMF have overstepped the bounds of their mandates to direct the flow of money without any checks and balances. Meanwhile, the open door between private and central banking ensures endless market manipulation against a backdrop of government support. Packed with tantalizing details about the elite players orchestrating international finance, COLLUSION doesn’t make blind accusations, it names names —from Janet Yellen and Mario Draghi to Ben Bernanke and Christine Lagarde—and reveals how they operate in the halls of power and exclusive retreats like Jackson Hole and Davos. COLLUSION casts an unwavering spotlight on the dark conspiracies and unsavory connections that influence our lives. Nomi sounds a critical alarm from a unique perspective borne of decades of interaction with central and private banks the world over. 

Her on-the-ground reporting covers the five geopolitical entities that have played the most integral role in reshaping the global economy: Mexico, Brazil, China, Japan, and Europe. Nomi exposes: 

• How leaders of the Banco de México tried to navigate Mexico’s complicated relationship with their giant neighbor north of the border and its all-powerful Federal Reserve, and how the election of Donald Trump continues to significantly alter monetary policies and trade alliances. 

• How Brazil initiated the charge as the leader of the BRICS countries’ to challenge the US dollar’s hegemony, but soon found itself mired in domestic scandal and catapulted into an economic battleground between the US and China. 

• How China’s use of dark money to buck the supremacy of the US Fed led to the yuan’s rise as an alternative currency to the dollar and China’s relentless ascent as a global superpower. 

•  How Japan leveraged the rivalry between the US and China while embarking on the most ambitious money-conjuring scheme to date. 

•  How the European response to the financial crisis heightened tension between the EU’s central bank and Germany—and fueled widespread instability that led to many of the problems currently plaguing Europe, from political squabbles about refugees to the shocking Brexit vote. 

“We have arrived at a new—unstable—normal. There’s no hard stop, no external force or organization to dial back the artificial lubrication of the banking system and financial markets,” Nomi writes. “The issue isn’t whether this money-conjuring game can continue. It is that central banks have no plan B in the event of another crisis.” 

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